Vani Yoga & Art - Yoga and Art for All

Vani Yoga & Art is an organization that works towards bringing the twin concepts of Yoga and Art to one and all.
Yoga is a 5000 years old spiritual practice that originated from South India.
Simply put Yoga means Union.
Union of the soul with the universal energy or God.
Union of the mind and the body.
Union that creates peace and harmony in our daily lives.
This state of oneness can be acheived by Yoga Postures, Breathing and Meditation.
Vani Yoga and Art achieves to make this wonderful life altering practice available to everyone from all walks of life.
Yoga and Art irrigate each other.
Yoga stills the mind. From this stillness arise patience and unique original ideas.
Art allows us to see the detail in everything.
This eye for detail or sukshamta is the foundation for meditation and yoga.
In the yoga classes section you can register for regular yoga classes. We teach classical hatha yoga in the Sivananda style
Vani Yoga and Art offers regular traditional Yoga Classes and Art Classes in Washington DC & Bethesda, MD; and now in New Delhi, India.
To view Vani's paintings please visit the Art Gallery.
Contact Details:
Rajika Vani Banarjee
Phone : 240-627-7605     (USA) 
       +91-9871-449959   (India)