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Rajika Vani Banarjee, spiritually Vani,  an Artist and Yoga Acharya was born in 1977
 in Delhi. She believes that by painting the human form in various yoga asanas, she manages to reveal the Divine Form inherent in us. By amalgamating yoga and art,
many deep and profound yoga philosophies are presented before us. 
While Rajika Vani started painting in her childhood,she became a Yoga Acharya ten years ago after training at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala. Sivanada Yoga is an organisation with an international presence. (Sivananda website
Rajika has taught yoga in India and internationally to groups and corporations in Melbourne,Australia and Washington d.c..She has taught at the Danish Embassy , New Delhi, the Japanese School, New Delhi and the World Bank, Sydney, Australia to name a few.
Currently, she lives in Washington D.C. with her husband. She now holds regular one hour classes at Dupont (meetup group link: and Bethesda (meetup group link : 
Rajika believes an artist exists in each one of us.Therefore, along with teaching yoga, she has also teaches art encourages artists, waiting for a nudge to unleash their latent talents.
 Initially, urged by her parents to try a safer option,Rajika Vani became a banker. But her heart was in art and inspired by Julia Cameron’s ARTIST'S WAY she left her lucrative banking job to study at the College Of Art, Delhi & Amity School of Fine Arts. Then she also painted at Artist Arpana Caur’s Academy of Fine Arts & Literature.In Delhi, Melbourne & Washington, D.C.,Rajika Vani took part in group shows, exhibiting a unique and different bold style with her chosen mediums of
Watercolour & Gouache.Rajika has also taught fine arts at the NIFT, New Delhi.
Rajika had a solo show of yoga inspired paintings in 2009 titled  "ENLIGHTEN"  in Triveni Kala Sangam in New Delhi India.Please view pictures of the show on the Art Gallery page.
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Rajika Vani Banarjee
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Phone   +91-987.144.9959 (India) , 
          240.627.7605 (USA)